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Want to know one trick to improve your photos for Poshmark or eBay?

If you’ve followed me for any length of time on Instagram or Poshmark, you know that I model nearly all of my clothes. I’ve been doing this for well over a year, and somehow manage to wear a range of sizes from 0 – 14 for my listings.

When I first started trying clothes on for pictures, I really had no idea what looked best on camera. Over time, I’ve learned tricks to make the clothes look like they fit better (even if I can’t even zip them up!), as well as how to adjust the camera so proportions are right.
If I take a trip down memory lane and look at old photos from when I first started modeling the clothes, damn — I had my camera at eye level, I stood hella awkwardly (ok, I still do..but it’s a little bit better). I had no idea what I was doing.
One of the most frequent things I see when I scroll through my Instagram feed though and I see other people modeling their clothes is the wrong camera height.
So here’s my one trick for taking your own photos — whether its for listings on Poshmark, developing your instagram feed, or just taking photos for whatever — drop that camera low.
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Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at when I took the main photograph for this post. This is for a coat I listed recently, and I decided to snap some pictures while I was photographing the item.
I keep my camera about 5 feet away, and I have the tripod set nearly at waist level. It’s a far cry from when I used to have it at eye level, but this height makes the camera capture the subject a bit more elongated, which shows my height. When the camera is too high, a couple things happen.
1. The subject looks shorter/wider. The camera is essentially “looking down” on the subject, and this creates a much smaller viewpoint.
2. A higher angle tends to make the subject look like you aren’t on eye level, even though previously, my camera WAS at eye level. It disengages the viewer. A lower set-up for your camera will help make it feel as if the viewer is truly right there when the photo is taken.
Here is an example of change in height/position of the camera on the same dress.
The camera is positioned near waist level in the 2nd photos, and in the 1st photos, it is at eye level. Moving it lower, and a slight adjustment in my body angle completely changes the look of the dress.
It may seem unnatural to lower the camera when you are shooting photos, but I promise — give this one trick a try and you will see the difference.
For more modeling tips, check out this page.
Click here for flatlay tips.
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