Printables to Help Teach Emotions

The My Body Feels PDF Printables helps you start discussing emotions with your child through color. Best for children ages 5+, but may be used with younger children if they are able to understand the concept.

When your child feels overwhelmed and is having a meltdown or tantrum, do you know how to help them describe their feelings? Tantrums and meltdowns are often because the child can’t express their emotions. 

How To Use The Printables

Encourage your child to assign a color to what their body feels like with certain situations. It may be different for each child. Laminate this page so it can be kept for reference. 

The gingerbread printable page can be cut into 4 sections.  Keep them at the table, in the living room, or wherever your child has easy access and can color in how their body feels when experiencing emotions. 

Encourage them to think about the different areas of their body, and color if one area feels different than another.



Want more resources for mindfulness?

Check out my Amazon shop, where I’ve linked a collection of my favorite books for mindful parenting, as well as select items and products that I’ve found useful in my journey of parenting a sensory child.

These printables are only a small portion of teaching emotional intelligence to the next generation. These are many resources available, including Instagram accounts that are so full of education, advice and encouragement for mama’s just trying to create the kindest little humans we can.


Here are a few of my favorite Instagram accounts that I recommend you follow:

Mindful Little Minds

Generation Mindful

Mindful Mamas Collective


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