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Why xo, Rachel Media Management?

I organically grew my business Instagram account to over 35,000 followers in less than 3 years. At the same time, I grew a Podcast instagram account to over 6,000 followers in 3 months with exceptional engagement. I have experience with YouTube, Stop Motion creations, branding management, product and brand photography and understanding the Instagram algorithm to bring proven results to your profile.

I know social media, and I can make it work for you.

Let me manage your accounts.


Have you been struggling to grow your social media accounts?
Does it seem like your posts aren’t seen?
Do you look at other accounts in your niche and wonder why they have more likes and comments than you see on your posts?
Do you struggle with figuring out a brand aesthetic for your feed?


Huck and Peck Furniture Store signed with Xo, Rachel Media in April 2020. Instagram engagement increased from 0.6% to 1.2% within 6 weeks. Google Business traffic has had significant steady growth and Pinterest grown by 40x. 

Huck and Peck now has a branded feed that resembles lifestyle blogs, has worked with social media influencers and are steadily growing followers as well as local awareness.



Brand Collaborations

Collaborations with local companies helps increase your exposure.


Beautiful photography is crucial to catching your customer’s eye on social media.

Algorithm & Engagement

The Instagram Algorithm constantly changes — let me worry about that for you.

Content Strategy

Together, we can come up with a customized strategy that presents your mission to the public.

Email Growth

Successful social media accounts know that their foundation is built on a robust email list.

Develop Loyalty

Bring customers back and new customers in with a recognizeable brand.

Your social media is vital to your business.

I will make it my priority.

Management Experience on Your Side


In the past year, I’ve worked with major brands such as Walmart, Hyatt Regency, Vicks, and Vtech Toys. I’ve also worked with smaller, local companies to help launch awareness for their brand. These include Bode Chattanooga, Chicken Salad Chick, Ruby Sunshine Cafe and more.


Not only do I know social media management and how to increase engagement for your brand, I have a network of local businesses I’ve connected with that can help grow your connections.



Needing something else? I’m here to work with you! Customized packages are available based on your business needs.


Learn more today!

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