Rachel Petersen

thrifter, epic mistake maker, lover of peonies & hats

Thanks for following along on this crazy journey of my life. 

xo, Rachel was born out of the previous brand I started, The Curated Tomato. In an effort to branch out in to a variety of content, I rebranded my business to take on a name that seemed a bit more 

fitting for me. Cause let’s be real, there no stylish way to make a logo out of a tomato. 

So here’s to you. I’m here for laughs, food, wine, motherhood and more. 


“you should probably list your shit.”

  • Loyal
  • Funny
  • Weird
  • Chance of wearing second-hand clothes

My Story

When my daughter was 6 months old and never slept, I was up all night begging her to sleep. I spent many sleepless nights on Instagram and stumbled across #resellerrevolution. It was an entire world of people who thrifted clothing and resold it online.

It had been years since I sat foot in a thrift store, but I thought to myself … “I could totally do that!”… And so I did. Three years later and over 6,000 second-hand items sold, I’m now a full-time reseller, content creator and entrepreneur.

There’s very little of a secret sauce involved — it’s simply a ton of dedication, stubborn-ness, and the desire to never ever work for a hospital again.

This site is for you — to bring encouragement, advice and education about the Poshmark/eBay reseller life. 

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